Setup your technology right to maximize its benefits & outcomes

Don’t have the time or expertise to ensure that your apps work as intended and expected?

Let us handle that for you



Maximize the efficiency of your operations through the proper setup of your technology.


Ensure that your software, websites and mobile apps work smoothly for your clients.


Get customized websites, software and mobile apps that reliably present your products and services to your clients.


Business Focused

Our main benchmark for recommended solutions is the business vision and best practices in the industry.

Business focused
Expedite business decisions

Unbiased expert opinion

We are technology agnostic and look objectively at solutions based on what is best for the business.

Save time & energy

Our work lets you focus your time and energy on your customers and core business.

Save time and money
Online services

100% online service

You can get our services from the comfort of your office or home and without the hassle of face-to-face meeting setup and logistics.

English & Arabic Support

Support and documentation can be availed in both English & Arabic.

English & Arabic Languages



AED500 per application
(starting price)
  • This package is for ready off-the-shelf applications from the market
  • Selecting the applications
  • Configuring the applications
  • Integrating the applications
  • Documenting


AED1500 (starting price)
  • This package is for software, websites and mobile apps developed by a third-party contractor
  • Reviewing contract
  • Testing the features
  • Testing the data fields
  • Testing the workflows
  • Documenting


Price based on requirements
  • This package is for developing customized software, websites and mobile apps
  • Preparing the scope
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documenting
Get the support you need
Let us alleviate the work outside your domain

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