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Digitalization strategies

Get the best business outcomes by leveraging technology, data & processes

Your business plan, marketing, sales, logistics, and pricing have all been sorted out. What about your IT setup & infrastructure?

You already have a lot on your plate!
Let us take care of the rest.

We help SMEs & Solopreneurs who struggle with technology selection and setup. We ensure that applications and data workflows are reliable to support the business operations and decisions. The result is an infrastructure that ensures technology, data and processes are working in harmony to serve the business vision and objectives.


Established SMEs & Solopreneurs

We audit your existing technology infrastructure, data workflows and business processes to identify gaps to bridge and opportunities to exploit in order to take the business to the next level.

New SMEs & Solopreneurs

We develop strategies based on your business vision. The right applications, data workflows & business processes will be recommended to support your sustainability & growth.


Align IT with business

The technology should work for the business rather than customizing the business to fit a certain technology.

IT alignment with business
Cost control

Optimize your resource utilization
& Lower costs

Deploying the right technology, processes and data strategy eliminate waste in time, money and efforts.

Increase staff efficiency

With the right systems and processes, staff will be able to focus on customers rather than worrying about where to find information or what is the next task to be done.

Increasing efficiency and productivity
Faster decision making

Expedite business decisions

With the right data collected, quality checked, and reported, businesses will have the ability to make decisions quickly and reliably. This gives them an advantage over their competitors, especially in fast paced markets.

Ensure businesses can grow & scale

Systems accommodating foreseeable future requirements help businesses scale without the need for major alterations or expenses.

Business scalability
Credibility and good reputation

Sustain good reputation

Organized internal processes reflect positively on the relationships of businesses with customers and improve the overall experience.


Our approach is technology agnostic, which means that we research and suggest applications objectively. We follow a holistic approach that takes into consideration applications, business processes and data requirements simultaneously. All of these are aligned with your business vision, objectives and KPIs throughout your digitalization journey.

Pillars of Digitalization strategies
Pillars of the digitalization strategies
Digitalization methodology
Process for developing the digitalization strategies


Basic Package for Established SMEs & Solopreneurs

AED 6,000 ($1,665 for customers outside UAE)
Per Month (3 hours per working week up to 12 hours per month)


  • Complimentary 30 minutes evaluation session.
  • Review the existing applications (up to 3) to ensure that they are aligned with the business objectives and identify any enhancements that can be done to their settings.
  • Review the existing data infrastructure to ensure that the necessary data is collected and maintained to make accurate business decisions.
  • Review the existing business operations to ensure they are efficient and recommend ways to enhance them in case of any gaps identified.
  • Identify new applications and automations that are needed to improve the business outcomes
  • Prepare documentation on the findings and recommendations
  • 2 emergency calls

Basic Package for New SMEs & Solopreneurs

AED 5,000 ($1,393 for customers outside UAE)
Per Month (3 hours per working week up to 12 hours per month)


  • Complimentary 30 minutes evaluation session.
  • Identify applications that are needed to support the business operations
  • Identify data required to run & grow the business
  • Establish business processes & workflows
  • Prepare documentation on the business operations, and final data and application infrastructures
  • 2 emergency calls

Advanced Package for New SMEs & Solopreneurs

Price: Based on selected website package


  • Basic package for New SMEs & Solopreneurs
  • One of our website development packages (25% off of the selected package)
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