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Business on social media

Most people are looking for their next purchase on their mobile phones, so they are expecting to find their favourite brands on social media platforms. Ideally, businesses would need to be on more than one platform to reach their potential customers.

Some of the challenges that face small businesses with regards to content management are:

➡️ The number of social media platforms that need to be managed.

➡️ The different algorithms that dictate the type of content and frequency of publishing on each platform.

➡️ Most small businesses start with only one employee (the founder), who handles all the business tasks, including social media management. This burdens the business owners and takes them away from strategic and technical tasks.

➡️ Most small businesses cannot afford to outsource their social media management to agencies and freelancers.

Luckily, we have tools that facilitate content creation and management and these will be the focus of our workshop.

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Content creation & management
in small businesses

Date: 25th April 2024

Time: 10:30–13:30

Location: Online (Google Meet)

Cost: AED 200

Language: English


What will you learn in this workshop?

✅ Steps for idea generation

✅ Tools for content creation

✅ Tools for content scheduling

The workshop covers use cases that can be applied across various industries.

The workshop is also an excellent networking opportunity to meet new people and learn about their businesses.

Social Media Platforms
Canva workshop

Outcomes of the workshop

✅ A template to collect and organize ideas

✅ 1 month worth of ideas customized to your brand

✅ At least 2 post templates customized to your brand

✅ Planning the Instagram feed look

The exercises carried out during the workshop will equip the attendees with practical steps and skills that can be used to create and manage their social media content.

Exercises will be applied on the attendees’ respective businesses.

Meet the instructor

Hanaa Abou Khreibeh

Hanaa Abou Khreibeh

Hanaa runs an IT consulting and software services company that helps small businesses run efficient operations using technology and data. She has advised businesses in a diverse range of sectors, including petroleum consultancy, trading, sports, personal styling, events management, gardening & interior design, holistic lifestyle, and fashion.

She was invited by UN Women & NAMA Women Advancement to train entrepreneurs on building technology and data strategies for their businesses.

Prior to running her company, she served in government and private sectors for over 15 years.

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