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“In an era where the world is thriving on technology, we have opportunities that previous generations did not have. If we seize the potential available to us and leverage it in the right way, then we can establish businesses that are sustainable and scalable.

Technology is the first pillar of our work.

Data has been underrated for a long time and its benefits have been underutilized. Businesses have realized what they are missing and are eyeing the vast opportunities offered by data when it is governed properly.

Data is the second pillar of our work.

Processes align technology & data with business strategies and objectives.

Processes are the third pillar of our work.

When these three pillars are analyzed and planned holistically, you get a structure as robust as a triangle.

HAK Technology Hub was launched to serve small and medium businesses because they are the backbone of economies. In UAE, SMEs account for about 94% of the total number of companies and their workforce constitutes about 86% of the total workforce in the country. It is important to ensure that this vital sector makes the most out of their systems, data and processes so that they sustain and grow to continue benefiting the economies.

Everybody wins when SMEs win.”

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