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IT Consultancy

Your technology deployments will be aligned with your objectives, data requirements and business operations while taking into consideration your future growth aspirations

Software Services

Your software, website and mobile apps will be audited and tested to ensure they represent your brand well and provide the anticipated customer journey

Who We Work With

We help small businesses that struggle with technology selection and configuration. We setup applications and data workflows reliably to facilitate the business operations and decision making. The result is an infrastructure that ensures efficiency and the right utilization of resources to serve the business vision and objectives.

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"Today, all businesses are technology companies powered by people; it is simply a question of degree. Failure to understand this and to harness technology to a company’s advantage will result in one’s company being a follower in an industry as opposed to a shaper of it."​
Former CEO of Al Futtaim Group


Small enterprises (less than 50 people) in the UAE and globally

  1. IT Consultancy:
    • Audit the existing IT setup (systems, applications and their configuration) for established enterprises
    • Establish & deploy the IT infrastructure for newly established enterprises
    • Audit business processes to identify gaps and implement improvements
    • Establish missing business processes
    • Audit the data management framework and workflows to ensure that all the necessary business data are available and handled properly
    • Develop standards operating procedures needed to run the IT infrastructure
    • Document the final infrastructure, business processes and data management framework
  2. Software Services
    • Configure and setup apps, software and mobile apps
    • Configure and setup system integration and automation
    • Audit websites, software and mobile apps to ensure smooth customer journeys
    • Test websites, software and mobile apps to ensure the features work as per plan
    • Test websites, software and mobile apps to ensure the data is handled properly within the system
    • Test websites, software and mobile apps to ensure the workflows work as intended
    • Develop system, admin and user manuals

Many business owners realize the importance of utilizing technology and data in their enterprises but struggle with the options in the market and technical aspects of each option. These business owners usually lack the technical expertise and are unable to employ full time resources to do the work.


HAK provides such services and relieve business owners from a long term commitment to IT personnel. However, it is recommended that business owners realize that spending on technology and data strategies is an investment rather than an excessive cost.

Most of HAK's services are placed into packages that can be availed on a monthly or yearly basis with no minimum commitment periods such as 3 or 6 months. This has been carefully designed to make the services affordable to small businesses & solopreneurs.

We believe that the value of our services and expertise outweigh the costs indicated.


We also work with virtual try-on technologies and integrate them with WooCommerce shops

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